Wednesday, August 1, 2012


1.  Felt paper (choose your colors)
2. Stuffing
3.White Fabric
4. Jean Fabric
5. Glue Gun
6. Scissors 
7. Needle and Thread
First off outline the a shape of a doll on the felt paper (The good thing about making a zombie doll is that you dont have to outline it perfectly even!)
Make sure you cut on two pieces of felt for the back and the front of the doll :)
Then sew the two pieces of felt together all around (leave an opening for the stuffing to go inside)
after which turn it inside out
This part is super easy... all you have to do is fill the felt doll with stuffing  (you can get stuffing anywhere from walmart to the inside of an old pillow or stuffed animal :D)
Tip: When stuffing it use a pencil to push down the stuffing in all the corners
Okay next step cut out the shape of eyes, mouth, & blood on felt paper 
(outling the eyes gives it more of a dead kinda look)
I covered up the stuffing hole with the hair but you wont DON'T have to do that
OKAY now it's time to sew! Basically all you have to do is trace and outfit, cut it out, and sew the back and front together
(Just like you did at the beginning of this project)
NOW you want to take a seam ripper,scissors, or knife to get a distressed feel attempting to try your best to make it look like a zombie!! add a splash of blood everywhere (by blood i mean red paint)
^ THIS is my attempt at a brain you can do this to ;)


Any questions you can ask in the comment section because i'm not sure what i'm forgetting! I made this as  a present for my friend along with some other things ( i will be posting the other things shortly :) this idea was inspired by a doll i saw on a D.I.Y website the good thing about it is that you can make it anyway you want to make it your own so good luck!
TIP: This takes a couple hours to do so make sure you have a T.V on!

JessicaGlasss xxx

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